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Fitness Equipment Resale

Our team will work closely with you to best figure out which design and layout is most functional yet attractive for your home. We can use both new or used equipment to furnish your home gym, custom designing a gym to match all of your particular workout needs. A home gym fits your daily life and provides you a comfortable atmosphere to work out in. Call us today to schedule a design and installation consultation in and around San Diego, CA.

Home Gym Installation & Design

Gym equipment can go through a lot of use, and when it does, a proper maintenance and repair may be needed to ensure its long lifespan stays intact. We can come straight to you with all the necessary repair equipment and cleaning agents which will leave your fitness equipment feeling and looking brand new. For general maintenance or a serious repair, and everything in between, call our team today in Irvine, CA, and all surrounding areas.

Fitness and Gym Equipment Maintenance & Repair

If you have a treadmill, lifting bar, or set of weights that are no longer function in your daily workout routine, call us out to come evaluate it and possibly purchase it from you. We are always on the hunt for fitness equipment and will always take time out of our day to come and buy and resell any equipment you no longer want. We find the perfect gyms for your old equipment to be utilized in, so give us a call today to get started in Costa Mesa, CA, or any surrounding area.